About Us


The Beehive, A Coworking Community providing a dynamic and collaborative work environment for professionals and entrepreneurs.
Come for the great coffee.  Stay for the people.

How did the Beehive Community start?

Christine McCarron is the founder and owner of The Beehive. She discovered her passion for real estate investing while still in high school. In 2022, she stumbled upon this exceptional and functional space, which she decided to transform into a vibrant coworking community. Her primary objective was to provide remote companies and workers with a distraction-free workspace away from home. Through this communal office, individuals from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to network and connect with others in the community.


What do we do?


At The Beehive, individuals can rent shared workspaces, dedicated desks, or private offices based on their needs. The coworking space offers well-equipped facilities, including high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, and communal areas. The Beehive fosters a sense of community by bringing together professionals from various fields, encouraging networking, collaboration, and idea sharing. Additionally, The Beehive organizes events, workshops, and networking opportunities to further support its members’ personal and professional growth. The Beehive aims to create a productive and inspiring atmosphere where individuals can work, connect, and thrive in a vibrant coworking community.

What do we offer?

Get ready to level up your work experience! Imagine a vibrant coworking space buzzing with energy, creativity, and fantastic people just like you. It’s not your average workspace; it’s a place where work meets play, a community where collaboration and innovation thrive. Say goodbye to working alone because here, you’ll find a supportive family of brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds. And the perks? They’re incredible! Unlimited snacks, free coffee, inspiring events, and cozy nooks for those “creative genius” moments. All this, plus flexible and affordable access to top-notch facilities. Don’t settle for a boring old office. Join the coworking revolution, unleash your productivity with a smile, and hop on the coworking train. Buzz into the Beehive in Tyngsboro and let the fun and productivity begin!


What is coworking?


Coworking is a work style where individuals from different professions or companies share a common workspace. It creates a vibrant, collaborative space where connections flourish. By bringing together like-minded individuals, coworking fuels networking, sparks partnerships, and fosters a supportive community. It’s flexible, cost-effective, and eliminates the isolation of working alone. With well-equipped workspaces and a professional image, coworking is perfect for freelancers, remote workers, and startups. From amenities to work-life balance, coworking empowers productivity and growth. Join the thriving coworking movement for a dynamic work environment that propels success.

Close to Lowell, Chelmsford & Nashua


Our Mission

To create a fun, healthy, inclusive and respectful coworking environment that fosters community and productivity.

To be a place where you get it all done, connect with a supportive business community AND have fun in the process!

Ready to join the community?