Feeling Stressed? Get Zen!

May 1, 2024

Ever feel the need to yell at someone? 

OMG! You NEED a Zenbooth in Your Life (#AdultingProblemsSolved)

Let’s face it, adulting is hard. Between the side hustle, the never-ending emails, and that roommate who insists on blasting showtunes at 7 AM, finding a moment of peace can feel like winning the lottery.

Enter the Zenbooth: your personal oasis in the open office jungle.  This isn’t your grandma’s stuffy phone booth (although, tbh, those were kind of cool in a retro way). The Zenbooth is a sleek, modern pod that blocks out all the noise and distractions so you can finally focus on what matters.

#WorkFromAnywhere Bliss

Need to crank out a killer presentation without your coworker Carl explaining his fascinating dream about staplers in excruciating detail?  Zenbooth to the rescue!  These bad boys are soundproof,  so you can say goodbye to unwanted interruptions and hello to laser focus.

#Insta-Worthy Me-Time

We all need a mental health break sometimes. Whether you’re crushing a midday meditation session or just need a quick power nap (because adulting is TIRED), the Zenbooth is your judgment-free zone. Plus, the minimalist design is seriously Instagram-worthy. #SelfCareSunday never looked so good.

#Eco-Friendly Flex

Feeling guilty about your daily commute?  The Zenbooth is made from sustainable materials, so you can chill AND save the planet.  Can your cardboard box in the corner do that?  Didn’t think so.


Great news! Your local, neighborhood, shared office space, Beehive Community, just happens to have its very own Zenbooth that you can use – whaaaat? Yup, true that. Come thrive at the Beehive and experience it for yourself.

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