Ida & Adam, the instructors and owners of IC&M CPR, LLC, came to the Beehive looking for a space to hold their CPR and First Aid certification classes. They loved the space so much, they decided to join! Now we have the pleasure of seeing them on a regular basis both in and out of class. 

About Ida & Adam:

Both Adam and Ida have extensive experience and background in their related fields. Adam has  spent most of his career working in the field of environmental health and safety for many companies all over New England. Along with our CPR courses, he also offers safety consulting for companies in need of that support. Ida has spent most of her career working in education, working with children between the ages of 0-14 in many capacities as a child care provider, teacher, and in many director positions. Ida has been an early-childhood education consultant for many centers across New England and has offered professional development training as well. 

From Ida: 

When the opportunity arose to become CPR instructors, it seemed like an obvious fit to share our knowledge of how to create a safe environment for yourself, family, and within the aspects of your job and field. Adam and I are very passionate and committed to the work that we do and hope that is evident from the registration process of classes (we are great at rescheduling and accommodating each student’s individual needs) to when you leave the course feeling confident to help when an emergency arises. Our classes are of smaller size and it gives more of an intimate feel. 

We travel all over New England, and parts of upstate New York to businesses and organizations to train the American Red Cross curriculum of CPR, First Aid, AED training. We also offer Stop the Bleed courses, Basic Life Support training, and Babysitter Courses. 

Be a Hero: Learn CPR and First Aid!

Life throws curveballs, and sometimes those curveballs are emergencies. Yikes! But don’t panic. You can be a hero by learning CPR (helping someone’s heart beat) and First Aid (basic care for injuries).

Why it Matters:

  • CPR can literally save a life, especially if done right away.
  • First Aid can stop small problems from turning into big ones.
  • You don’t need to be a doctor to learn these skills! Anyone can do it.


  • Gain the confidence to act in an emergency (no more freezing up!).
  • Be prepared to help someone in your community or family.

What to Expect:

  • You’ll learn lifesaving techniques for CPR and First Aid.
  • You’ll get to practice what you learn in fun, fake emergencies.

Learning CPR and First Aid is a small investment with a big payoff. You could save a life! So sign up for a class today and be a hero in your community.