What’s all the Buzz about the Beehive coffee machine?

May 30, 2023

We tried several coffee maker options that turned out to be duds. They were either messy and high-maintenance, or they made subpar coffee – or both. In April, we finally found the machine to tick all the boxes.

The criteria: 

  • Flavor – Coffee should be more than a caffeine boost, you want it to taste great!
  • Freshness – There’s nothing like freshly-ground coffee
  • Sustainability – We knew that we didn’t want a keurig-style machine – not just because of coffee quality, but also because we don’t want to create waste with every cup.
  • Efficiency – A French-press-style machine can make great coffee but it takes time away from your work day. We wanted an option that would be quick and easy to use with minimal maintenance for members.
  • Flexible – More is better when it comes to options! 

What we got: The WSM 1500 S+ machine is a German-made beauty of a machine. 

  • Flavor – We use coffee supplied by Erik at BeanTrust. From Erik:
    – The medium roast is our signature beantrust blend from Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, and Ethiopia; it’s the one we drink every day; it’s clean and full-bodied, with a touch of nutty caramel and a juicy finish – scrumptious!
    – The dark roast is a balanced blend that brings out the best from the major coffee-growing regions of the world; rich, dark, and complex with a hint of chocolate. 
  • Freshness Your coffee is ground when you order, bean-to-cup, couldn’t be fresher!
  • Sustainability – There’s no waste – even the coffee grounds are used by a local gardener. 
  • Efficiency – Just walk up to the machine and push the button to select the coffee, espresso, latte or cappuccino of your choice. The machine does the rest.
  • Flexible – Choose black coffee and espresso. The WSM1500S+ also has an integrated milk fridge so it can make lattes, cappuccinos and steamed milk. There’s a hot water option for tea drinkers. We even have chocolate on hand if you prefer a hot chocolate or mochachino.

Now we’re researching the best ways to make iced coffee for the summer months. Stop by when you’re in the neighborhood and let us buy you a cup of coffee. Just kidding, unlimited coffee is included with all memberships.