Some people like to have the radio on when they work.
Some need absolute quiet to be productive.
Some people like Rock. Some RAP. Some Classical. Some Heavy Metal.
What’s a coworking space owner to do?

At the Beehive, we want you to be at your creative best! If that means you need a quiet space, we’ve got you covered as you’ll see in this blog. If you need a bit of music or white noise, that’s where things get tricky. Alexa and Amazon Music can play pretty much anything you want, so who’s in charge? As always, you are!

We’re a new space and so far, we haven’t had any complaints or drama around music but just in case, here are our music policies:

Seniority: first person to come in gets to choose the music.
Working with people you know? You can negotiate the music with each other.
Disputes? The staff will choose a light background music either: Soft Rock, Classical, or, which is said to boost productivity.

Plus, you’re always welcome to use your headphones or to work in another room where you can play your favorite type of music at a low volume. Want to catch the buzz? Sign up here for a free trial.

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash